Saturday, June 6, 2009

A temporary suicide

I had a memorable wound in left hand
I put the knife to my creamy skin.
Could see the smokes,wines,colors.
The pain is a sudden heal to soul
The blood falls to the floor.
I see my pains are spreading like a picture.

My love,my life,my reason
I sit here to bleed
My soul was burning to hell
My smiles,my tears,my destiny
you abandoned love,I abandoned my life
My heart tares more and more.

My nights are lonely,heart is empty
I have a blanket to cover my pains
A dream to hide my soul
You to became blind like a night
All nights are ghosts just to make afraid
The ghosts never seems to end

I feel my destiny when I am with you.
I feel the pain when your eyes are not deep
I trust the knife can only go to the deep
A lover can only bleed so mcuh
Nobody cant wipe away my blood filled tears.
Some call it love I call it a temporary suicide


  1. But life is long. And it is the long run that balances the short flare of interest and passion.
    sylvia path

  2. A lover can only bleed so much
    I liked that line

    And I my response to your poem

    Drain out your blood,
    All of it, dear
    And fill your veins
    With a song
    Sing all the while,
    With your body, my dear
    And your mind
    Will no longer
    Long for blood